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Our vision —– “A world famous brand, a business of a century”. Be the solar industry’s most respected brand
Walking into the door of Micoe, the first thing we saw is “A world famous brand, a business of a century”. This is the highest pursuit of Micoe, and also the most core values. As early as 2005, “Chairman Xu Xin Jian is extremely elegant and valuable to declare:” we want to create world famous brand, a business of a century, to do the solar industry’s most respected brand ”
The most respected has three aspects:
One is to establish a standard. To establish a new industry standard, to promote the overall development of solar energy industry; Second is summary a model. The highest state of today’s business competition is mode competition, establish a set of operational profit model and management model is the key to winning business; Third is the social responsibility of the enterprise, only pursuit of economic benefits first is far from enough, to create value for the society, have the responsibility to win respect.
Core values — Honesty, Responsibility, Thanksgiving
The enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise management, the core value is the root of sustainable enterprise management, Enterprises need to find maintain good and inherit. Abide by integrity, responsibility, gratitude.
Honesty: credibility, transfer credit, keep credit. Every employee of the enterprise, is the carrier of the credibility. Responsibility: our business is the cause of the sun, to provide green products and services, this is a kind of responsibility, at the same time, we also undertake charitable social responsibility. Thanksgiving: is a kind of attitude, Thanksgiving is a kind of mission, Thanksgiving is a kind of strength. Micoe believe: honesty create opportunities, honesty will lead to larger, long-term success.
★ 1000 sets of solar water heater, lost of 80000 yuan
Many people know the story of Haier Zhang Rui Min smashing refrigerator, in fact, Micoe also made the same decision. Once, because the quality of upstream raw materials manufacturers, Micoe production of 1000 sets of solar water heater appeared quality problem, users required refound. For just the start of Micoe, refound means death, as at this time, Micoe can choose refound a few amount of compensation to users and leave the rest to the property, but the chairman of Micoe has made a full company puzzling decision: take back all 1000 sets of solar water heater, and reinstall 1000 sets. The freight back and reinstallation costs, bring huge economic loss for Micoe. The chairman said: “money can lost, but we can’t lose reputation!”
The style of work — focus on the details, pursuit of perfection
The people not to see the details, or not to put the details seriously, lack serious attitude towards work, doing things be carelessly, these people can not make work as a beautiful time to enjoy, but do it as some kind of slavery thing, so they have no enthusiasm at work. They can only do the job others ask them to do, even then they can’t have the job nicely done. But the people who considering the details, attention to detail, not only treat seriously the work, the little things doing good, but also pay attention to look for opportunities in the details, so as to go on the road of success.
The United States successfully master Dell Carnegie said, one does not pay attention to the small things, never success big business.
★ Clean toilet makes a big order
In the early stages of the company, Chairman Xu Xin Jian saw many employees do not pay attention to personal clothing hygiene, then ask administrative department purchase a big dressing mirror, stand at the door, let each employees concerned with their own appearance coming into the factory. Attention to detail let Micoe win the trust of customers. In the winter of 2006,Germany customer Loke come to Micoe to negotiate business, when he arrived to company, the first place he went is the toilet. After that, Mr. Loke visited the production plant, product display area, field testing company, immediately decided to distribute Micoe’s products.
Loke said, “when I walk into your company, I saw every place was clean even toilet, I belive heat pipe supplier must be refine on, so that I decide to buy your products.” Detail oriented, the pursuit of perfection, also became Micoe’s magic weapon to win customers.
Enterprise style — rapid reaction, efficiency first
There are many types of management in Micoe, after years precipitation, Micoe has formed a more mature management model, There are different evaluation systems for products, channels, human resources construction. Company business style only 4 words: rapid response, efficiency first. Because of the technology upgrade Micoe catch up with the recent wave of development of China’s solar industry, Seize the strategic opportunity to display, to achieve this high speed of development. Market constant rule is “not constant”. Therefore, in the enterprise’s internal construction, need employees with the rapid reaction capacity. Through the relevant personnel of knowledge, ability, constant self breakthrough, provides the eternal power for the company’s long-term, good, high speed development.
★ To create first-class staff
Experiential training originated in Britain during World War II. After the end of World War II, the experience type training creative and unique training methods are promoted gradually, the training object expand from the original sailor soldiers, students, business people and other groups. From a purely physical training, survival training extended to psychological training, personality training, the management training. Corporate university to provide personalized mode of training system, according to the Department of different training needs. In the training process, ask trainees to achieve a common goal in the given time, the spirit of unity and cooperation, beyond the self training spirit, complete the project. Group enterprise university put “Iron Army spirit” integration into the corporate culture of Micoe, the implementation force training, self training, team training, behavior training into one, forming the experiential training requirements of enterprise Micoe feature, in improving the trainees instrument attitude and tenacious down-to-earth style of work at the same time, more focus on team spirit, communication skills and efficient execution of training, through training to create a weapon.
The concept of enterprise development — Sustainable Development
Micoe is building “three lines”: first-class products line, first-class talent line, first-class sense of worth line.
In ten years, Micoe showing its talent from the thousands solar water heater enterprises, one of China’s and the world solar energy industry leader. Micoe, the Chinese solar thermal industry leader position, sustainable development, and constantly go beyond the world!
Enterprise business philosophy — creatively valuable service to customers
What is the purpose of the enterprise? The famous management master Peter Drucker said: enterprise objective is to create and protect customers. Service creates value. Micoe in the early days consciousness customers are the fundamental of business survival and sustainable development. In 2000, in the early days, Micoe take the “provide a valuable service for customers” business philosophy, in plain language, showing the determination of Micoe for customer service. In 2007, further suggests that “the company for customers to creatively provide valuable services”, the formation of the common action principle of up and down, forming unique competitive. In 2009, with the deepening of the service consciousness, this idea by further sublimation, “creatively provide valuable services for customers” business ideas to form, curing. Three evolution of the Micoe management concept, as the “made by China” to “made in china”, Is a kind of promotion of intension, realm of sublimation, is Micoe to keep pace with the times, continuous innovation results. Now, “creatively valuable service to customers” has been deeply integrated into every Micoes’ blood, Micoe incentive continuously strengthen their own self-cultivation, improve service levels, to create more and more affect.
★ There is a kind of warmth called affect
“There is a kind of warmth called affect”,I recently attended the Micoe solar 10 anniversary celebration, this is what I most want to say. At the end of November, Micoe group staff contact me, check my mailing address and timetable, showing the occupation spirit completely.
In December 4th, I am on a business trip abroad, received a reminder message from Micoe: distinguished guests, hello! For meeting the cold weather, air temperature pelter (Luoyang weather -8 ℃ to 1 ℃), please wear warm clothing, I wish you all happy! Micoe reminder. When the car arrived in Luoyang, the wind was blowing, after I get off the train will obviously feel: here is winter. Checked into the hotel, just lying in bed, message come again: all the media guests and friends, because the weather is very cold today, please wear the warm socks in the bag, and baby warm paste (do not directly contact with skin), in addition, 6:45 on time tomorrow morning on the first floor breakfast, 7: 20 on the bus ride to the starting! Thank you. Good night. When I get the bag, found the socks and baby warm stick, at that time did not think too much, just feel very accident. I don’t want socks ah, why take this. Now finally understand…..
Concept of corporate responsibility — love nature, love life, love people, aim at absolute perfection
The social responsibility:
The lack of a sense of the nation, the nation is declining;
The lack of sense of responsibility of enterprises, there is no future for enterprises;
The lack of sense of responsibility to the people, is nothing to do.
In the enterprise under the influence, Micoe dealers will also responsibility as its own code of conduct.
※Henan Xinyang dealer Zhao Wei donated 100000 yuan grants for the Xinyang Normal University;
※Jiangsu Donghai dealer Liu Changchun funded 4 students complete their studies successfully;
※During the earthquake relief, dealers have donation of nearly 100000 yuan
※The establishment of the college entrance examination service station, service candidates
※Every year to carry out hot water culture festival activities, popularization of science and knowledge……
The responsibility to employees:
Let employees grow, success of the staff.
※Every mother’s day give employees a day off, and each person 100 yuan to buy a gift for their mother;
※Health care staff, organizes employee check-up;
※Staff get the traveling year card for free, and provides the attractions bus in every weekend, enrich our daily life;
※Monthly birthday party, send gift for staff on birthday, it has become the traditional enterprise;
※Held a collective wedding, send blessings for employees;
※Regularly invited experts or overseas training opportunity for the staff……
The responsibility to dealer’s:
Let the dealers to grow, let dealers succeed
Cooperate with Micoe, dealers are in the green wealth. At the same time, also accumulated rich experience in market operation, enhance their local personal brand image and social status, and become the real “winner”.
Regularly training dealers, from the sales training to business training, to do big business by training from the team management training, allowing dealers to follow the footsteps of growth enterprise.
Put dealers into the “home fund”, crisis we have Micoe.
In 2011, the company increase support rural marketl, let the rural people get rich!
Buy insurance, regular training, special fund for dealers, easy access…… Create customer happiness, wealth and green.
※ Enterprise spending huge sums to dealers and installers to buy coverage for 300,000,000 Yuan personal accident insurance, to provide security for them;
※ When Henan Shangqiu dealer Sun Kuanli Micoe sell house and running business, enterprise rented a suite for him, the chairman said: “never let our dealers have no room to live!”
※ When Jining Zoucheng Dealer Mr. Meng had a traffic accident and deep in trouble, company funded 50000 yuan, and regional all dealers contributions to help him through.
※ Sichuan Mianzhu employees back to Sichuan to rebuild their homes, he got the entrepreneurial company support
★The chairman: dealer and employee growth is my greatest joy!
In 2009, Micoe annual production capacity of 1,000,000 sets of solar water heater line has finished. The launching ceremony, a reporter asked the chairman: “Micoe doing business for so many years, what are you most proud of?”
Chairman Xu thought for a while and said: “I was most proud of seeing our distributors and staff growth. I seldom care about how much money enterprise has made, but I am very concerned about how much our dealers earn. Micoe dealers from a tricycle to a brand-new car; from painter to the president of the local new energy commerce, they through the operation of Micoe, to achieve their dreams. See the dealer friends through the cooperation with enterprises and their own efforts to become millionaires, millionaires, become a local prestigious reputation, a businessman, entrepreneur, I feel very happy!
Since the establishment of Micoe in 2000, step by step to now million sets of enterprises, there are many people help business development efforts, although some people is now out of business, but they also devoted themselves to the solar energy industry, we train the talent has become the backbone of China’s solar industry. Through the enterprise platform, our employees to realize their life values. To see them grow up, I feel very gratified and proud!”
The enterprise, employees, distributors, they are a member of the Micoe family.
★ The first enterprise internal public welfare fund was founded in Micoe
In the afternoon of December 6th, 2010, the domestic solar thermal industry’s enterprise first internal public welfare fund — “Home Foundation” was formally established in Micoe. Micoe solar energy group chairman Xu Xinjian personally donated 2,000,000 yuan, as one of the first public welfare fund start-up funds. At the same time, Micoe is also fixed to put 1,000,000 yuan every year. In addition, also accepts Micoe dealers, employee donations, and organize fund-raising activities.
This is the first domestic solar thermal industry charitable fund. This is Micoe following the “green ribbon” public welfare activities, fixed by “legal form of internal public welfare fund”, to help in the future a very long period of time for the company’s dealers and their employees, employees of the company to provide help and relief.
Micoe public funds mainly for enterprise employees, dealers and their employees, but no other social public offers. Objective is by focusing on the main force supporting part of difficult groups, play the advantages of enterprise fund. All the staff, in the production, transportation, installation, service process, and the emergence of special difficulties, medical expenses, loss of property and other emergencies.
Previously, Micoe has passed the enterprise investment, appeal employee donations, many times to help provide difficult employees, dealers, and the company has formed a good “self-help” culture.

(Enterprise behavior — the details determine success or failure, mentality decision outlet)

Detail decides success or failure, want to succeed must start from the details, and form a good habit. Only grasp every details, can be successful. Grasp the details of safety, from every little bit; Quality should pay attention to details, start from any trace; Management should pursue the details, look from a dime. The detail ideas into every department, every post, every link, every thing, every one, forming a perfect detail system, Doing every things in details, do deep, be thorough, the enterprise can grow bigger, stronger.Establish the awareness of the details, details used to develop, achieve of today’s Micoe. Thoughts make future.
★”Hot” out of business
In year 1994, Mr.Xu Xin Jian has already pass age of 30, but with the dream in his heart, he left the a secure job of state-owned enterprise “Dong Xin Farm” and started his own business, the business was installation of electrical equipment, and it was not bad. but he always think this business and the ideal of career is not his ideal.
In 1994, with dream in the heart, Xu Xinjian has over thirty years of age, give up a “a secure job”, left state-owned units “Dong Xin farm,” and doing business, installation electrical equipment, company’s financial situation is very good. But he always think of this project and the ideal of career is not for his heart. Once he went to a friend’s house to play, friend says: “I got a good stuff, even on cloudy days, water is also very hot.” Xu Xinjian heard very puzzled, ran to see what it was, was a bit burn by hot water. Relying solely on the light from the sun can also let the water temperature rises, conducive to people’s lives. Xu Xinjian realized that this is a good product, does not damage the natural. So Xu Xinjian took the 100,000 loan, plus previously accumulated 100,000 into the solar water heater industry. After ten years of continuous development, at present Micoe is the world’s largest solar water heater supplier and hot water system, providing for the global more than 100 countries and regions solution.
Enterprise talent — everyone is talented
Micoe Think: today’s performance is not everything, anything want to stay are easy to be beyond. Therefore, everyone should go to all lengths, no one is allowed to find reasons or excuses. Micoe maintain the normal business “the new supersedes the old.” state through the post competition, let the enterprise keep elasticity. Micoe not to be promoted according to status of the way to decide the position and salary of employees, employees promoted promotion is dependent on personal achievement.
Five kinds of people can not be used:
Can not use the people who don’t respect their parent;Can not use the people who can’t go alone with their brothers and sisters;Can not use the people who have more than one name;Can not use the people who always change phone number;Can not use the people who don’t have honesty.
Business leaders view — communication to be persuasive, ability to be conquer, personality to be influence
In Micoe, managers must experience pattern view practice. Among them, the effective communication is one of the basic principles of management must follow. “All of the participants in the events in the process of preparation and arrangement, full communication”, is a kind of art to enhance the management effect.
Similarly, in Micoe, as a leader of management, his ability to work should be learned by subordinate, leadership should actively guide the subordinates, subordinates will be concerned, they form a cohesive team. Continuous practice through its own pattern view, enhance the manager’s personality charm, influence subordinates, improve their initiative, let subordinates to follow, eventually forming concentrated, tough team fighting capacity.
The success of the team, is the true embodiment of management level and ability.
★ Pattern practice view
December 6, 2010, Micoe group through ten years. According to the time calculation, ten years is not short; But according to the development of industry and enterprises, can be described as “Lotus just buds”. Our industry is unfolding, our business has just started, we wanted to create a more brilliant future. The pattern determines the height of the enterprise, the development of enterprise is the people’s progress. A review of ten years of development, the Group Chairman Xu Xinjian has deep feeling: Our team is continuing to grow, the growth determines the energy and quality of enterprise development. The nature of competition among enterprises is each enterprise has the talent quality and the level of competition. Business enterprise is the operator. People-oriented, people grow up healthy is the sustainable development of the enterprise. Cultivating everyone sector pattern view, is to promote the group self management effective way to achieve sustainable development.
Embrace the future, we need more broad mind, better pattern. It has good pattern view, will become the key whether the sustained and rapid development of the group. Pattern practice not accomplish at one stroke of the view. The real need for self-discipline initiative, a person with high aspirations, and to stand on solid ground, combined with their own work. Micoe will create history, Micoe will provide a full play to their talents, to realize their own value stage for outstanding employees.
Enterprise quality — 1% of quality defect is user’s 100% disaster
High quality products is Micoe’s guarantee of the high speed development, is Micoe’s brand vitality, don’t have reliable product quality, rely on propaganda and packaging made out of the brand is not for a long time. Micoe quality concept is “quality defect is 1% of user’s 100% disaster”, established a perfect quality control system, the introduction of advanced production and testing equipment, under the strict quality control system, Micoe is the first through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification and 3C certification in the industry; first through the “product certification”, Won a well-known trademark in China, China’s solar industry honor brand logo. as the only “China aerospace industry partners” in solar energy industry, Micoe uses a unique space intelligence technology, double thermal technology, N-ODP Connaught ring shield the launch of epoch-making significance “automatic” solar. Micoe built world top green Freon free foaming line, launched world top green Freon free solar water heater, leading Chinese solar energy industry to a “double green” age. The quality of Micoe’s products won the market, provide a strong guarantee for Micoe on the road to the king.
★Micoe the space dream come true
In 2005, the success of Shenzhou five launch, boiling the proud of all the Chinese people’s sense of national, When all the Chinese people immersed in the joy and pride, Micoe solar energy engineer Jiao Qingtai awake all night, As a technological personnel, he is more excited for space technology progress, however, another idea also lingers in the brain, is the space technology is possible for the solar water heater products? After two years of painstaking research and development, with contributions to the aerospace technology, MicoeFinally in 2007, beating the industry, As the solar industry only China’s space industry partners. With the help of Aerospace Science and technology, innovation and introduction of “space tube” and “adiabatic tank” technology, achieve double heat technology breakthrough, from two aspects of heat collection and heat retaining, end single hot heat pipe tube products at present common market. improving the quality of solar energy technology to a new level, which also became the beginning of cross industry integration technology of Micoe.

(Enterprise development concept — user problem is our subject of development)

Micoe developed products, has always attached great importance to customer feedback, user problem is our subject of development, the customers comments and suggestions, company will find hard and thorough search as a problem, thorough analysis, find the essence of the problem, not only solve the problem, but also so improved products, to make our products more user-friendly, as far as possible to meet the needs of different customers.
★Create the world’s first Honeywell green fluorine free solar production line
At a conference of environmental protection, the world 500 strong specialty materials company Honeywell introduced a foaming agent to replace Freon, and put forward to find a partner in China. After look up, Honey Well Company gives Micoe the “olive branch”. They think, Micoe is not only a powerful enterprises, is a green environmental responsibility enterprises. So, Honeywell contacted Micoe, gives initial intention of cooperation between the two sides. Through the contact, Micoe found Honeywell as one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, technology has not only the tip in the field of new materials, and the sense of social responsibility, environmental awareness is also very strong. The two companies sense of worth reached a high degree of consensus, begin development of fluorine free solar energy.
In May 9, 2007, Micoe, the first batch of fluorine free flying solar water heater off the assembly line in all expectation. Thus, Micoe led the Chinese solar industry entered the era of green grade water!

(Enterprise marketing concept — the first sale of reputation, after sale products)

The famous management master Drucker said: “some enterprises use the crazy prices and cash discount, very competitive, in fact just wasted huge amounts of money, what is worse, the loss of a large number of buyers.” Along with the product price, the credibility of the enterprise in the heart of the users also suffer a disastrous decline. Quality is the life of products, credibility is the fundamental, standard of qualified products is not the purpose, customer satisfaction is the purpose. Marketing is not a “sell” but to “buy”, through the sale of products to establish links of product reputation, “buy” the hearts of loyal customers. The creation of credit is to create the market, selling credibility, rather than selling products, the “brand strategy” extended to where, the best reputation spread to Micoe.
The enterprise benefit view — once job is the lowest cost
Micoe cost concept is once job is the lowest cost. Reduce the cost, is improve the profit. An enterprise to survive and develop, must realize the profit maximization, to make the lowest cost. for the company, if the defect rate exceed the standard, the cost must be increased, so to control the defective rate, right at the first time is the enterprise survival.
★After dirty the chairman’s clothes
In 2006 March, a day in the morning, president Xu Xinjian, executive director and production director separately go to each workshop to check the work. In the foam workshop, operator Xiao Pan is foaming polyurethane and foam is easy to splash, when the chairman came to it, Xiao Pan did not stop. The polyurethane foam pull all over Xu Xinjian’s cloths, chairman did not angry at him, when the management analysis meeting praised Xiao Pan, at that time if you stop the machine, means this batch tank product polyurethane foaming filled incomplete, will make some technical key problems, the direct economic loss of more than 30000 yuan, “once job is the lowest cost”.
Management “three” — to build three lines
The first-class product line
Micoe has been able to maintain high speed development, thanks to the two core technologies of Micoe products — space tube and adiabatic tank, rely on the two core technology, Micoe made a winter and cloudy good use solar water heaters, to solve the problem of the traditional solar heater loss, Micoe has the first-class product manufacturing line.
The first-class talent line
In ten years, Micoe formed the talent training mechanism, and the establishment of enterprise university in 2009, integrate internal and external resources, strive to create “talent line”. Now, has formed the basic framework, especially in the rapid development of the market to meet the enterprise demand, industrial layout and so on, increasingly play an irreplaceable role. The first-class talent line, the driving force for sustainable development of the input Micoe inexhaustible.
The first-class values line
Values are the cornerstone of enterprise sustainable operation. Managers and staff have what kind of cognition, there will be have the same kind of behavior and result.
Enterprise image is a business products, is the essence of the operator, is the foundation of business value. That is to say, technology and product is productivity; talent is productivity; value is productivity. The three things are compound, productivity is a complete enterprise need; three output form the three lines, the three-dimensional influence enterprise, enterprise management state is healthy, it is the sustainable development.
Brand strategy: no boundary integration and innovation
What is good for the development of solar energy technology and manufacturing resources;;All conducive to solar energy application market model;All conducive to the sustainable development of the cultural idea of solar energy;
Micoe will fully inclusive and equitable, integration and innovation.
Brand communication language: we are the masters of green Energy
Be green energy’s master, promotion and popularization of solar energy heater products, to allow more enterprises and citizens to use green energy;Be green products’s master, suggest green fluorine free solar energy, make solar energy one hundred percent environmental protection;Be green production’s master, clean production, to achieve solar production process green;
Be green wealth’s master, open the green wealth door for the dealer’s, allow dealers to become green wealth leader;
Be green life’s master, guide the users purchase green products, make social citizen build brand new green lifestyle. Our website is http://en.micoe.com